Nicholas Wilton - Sacred Choral Music


CD cover - Sacred Choral Music by Nicholas Wilton

This recording is in honour of Our Lord, on the 2000th anniversary of His Incarnation and Nativity, and in honour of Our Lady on the 2000th anniversary of her Divine Maternity. It is dedicated principally to Our Lady of Salette, St Michael the Archangel and St Philomena; secondly to all the other "mythological" characters with whom I pray I may have the privilege of spending eternity.  Thirdly, it is dedicated to the "children of light". (N.W.)

There are a total of 14 tracks on the CD. You can download samples of the Sacred Choral Music Sheet Music below,

Please Note: some of the pdf files are quite large and may take a while to download, particularly if you are on a slow connection. The figures in brackets are the estimated download times in seconds on a 1MB broadband connection, actual times will vary depending on your particular situation.

[   ] Locus iste 315K (10 seconds)
[   ] Missa Brevis / O Sacrum Convivium 1.8M (1 minute)
[   ] Sancta et immaculata 473K (10 seconds)
[   ] O Sacrum Convivium SSAA 711K (20 seconds)
[   ] Ave Maria SSAA 230K (5 seconds)

[   ] Ave in aeternum 956K (20 seconds)
[   ] Ave Maria / Optimam partem I and II 355K (10 seconds)
[   ] Ave Maria a 7 553K (10 seconds)
[   ] Cor meum / Beata viscera Mariae 405K (10 seconds)
[   ] Felix namque es 1.2M (30 seconds)
[   ] In manus tuas, Domine 1.6M (1 minute)
[   ] O salutaris / Ave verum / Tantum ergo 530K (10 seconds)
[   ] Panis angelicus 216K (5 seconds)
[   ] Requiem aeternam 405K (10 seconds)




children of light,

you little number who see clearly,

for behold the time of times,

the end of ends"


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